Wooly Ewe in Telkwa

Wooly Ewe

1655 Riverside St, Telkwa, BC

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Meet Ursula Yeker & Kirsty Leighton

Ursula Yeker & Kirsty Leighton is the owner of Wooly Ewe

Business partners Ursula Yeker and Kirsty Leighton appreciate having their business in Telkwa and love the charm of being located in an historic creamery beautifully situated beside the Bulkley River. They also love that everything is close by, like their favourite place to grab fresh baking, The Telkwa Baeckerei Kaffeehaus & Telkwa Real Food Diner. It’s also close to many of their favourite outdoor places, like the river trails, the trail to the lake and Eddy Park. Both women are outdoors lovers, and with so much of it to enjoy in Telkwa, they wouldn’t have their business anywhere else.

Ursula and Kirsty appreciate the independence that owning their own business affords them. Though it comes with a lot of hard work, they are grateful for the ability to make their own decisions about things like what hours to work, what kinds of products to carry and how to move their business forward into the future.

As knitters themselves, they are happy to be able to share that passion with other locals, both those who knit and those who have yet to learn. They have worked to create a very inviting and welcoming space for their customers and fellow knitters and look forward to growing their dedicated knitting community.

Beautiful. Inspirational. Quality-Made.

The Wooly Ewe is the culmination of a dream held by two local gals, born and raised in the valley, who have a passion for beautiful fibres. Their desire is to inspire and create a welcoming knitting community. Inside the Wooly Ewe, guests will find a stunning selection of everyday as well as artisanal yarns and wools, including natural fibres ideal for a wide variety of projects. Whatever your skill level when it comes to knitting, you’ll find exactly what you need for your next project, whether it’s a pattern, a specific yarn or simply a little bit of inspiration. The Wooly Ewe holds regular drop-in knit nights every Wednesday from 7-9pm where you can work on your project surrounded by other avid knitters and share tips and information. The Wooly Ewe also offers knitting classes and instruction for those who want to learn to knit or those who want to advance their current knitting skills.

Contact + Hours

  • Wednesday to Saturday
  • 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


  • 1655 Riverside St
  • Telkwa, BC
  • V0J 2X0, Canada

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